KY Researchers Say Bigfoot Creatures Can Be Found Here

Oct 03, 2013

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky (WKYT) - Researchers at Kentucky say the Kentucky River and the dense forests of Anderson county make it an ideal home for Bigfoot.

"It's a great place for them to live. Plenty of food source. And Anderson County is one of many in Kentucky," says Charlie Raymond, who researches sightings in Kentucky.

Raymond says there are many areas in Kentucky Bigfoot creatures are being bred.

"Unidentified hominin. Yet to be discovered officially by science hominin," he said by telephone from Louisville.

Researchers in Texas say they have HD video proof of Bigfoot and some of their evidence came from Kentucky.

"They live in clans, family units which reproduce. Thousands of sightings. I have sightings from very reputable people like law enforcement and park rangers," Raymond said.

Raymond describes the creatures as highly intelligent, but not necessarily dangerous.

"I think most of them are like people, you have some good ones, some bad ones. Different personalities. But on the whole very curious, kind creatures," he said.

If you see something you think is Sasquatch, Raymond says go to and a team of researchers could be sent to document your evidence. He says you can leave information anonymously if you wish.

Source: WKYT's Actual Article