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The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization is a non-kill research organization which seeks to prove the existence of and protect these magnificent creatures. Our purpose is to document all credible Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky. Our mission is to obtain a database as to monitor population density and migration patterns for all reported Kentucky bigfoot encounters. We believe bigfoot to be a yet-to-be classified, unidentified hominid. Our main goal is to acquire enough evidence to establish laws in Kentucky to protect these magnificent creatures and their habitat. To determine authenticity, credit is given to each source and witnesses are contacted whenever possible. The information contained within this website is being used solely for research and educational purposes. Portions of this website are reprinted under the Fair Use Doctrine of International Copyright Law as educational material. This proviso is applicable throughout the entire website.

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2015 Bigfoot Charity Calendar

We raised $504.55 for
the St. Joseph Children's Home!

The facility treats approximately 40 of "the most severely abused" children in Kentucky. The children range in age from 5 -16 and usually stay in the orphanage 1.5 years receiving treatment before leaving for a suitable foster home. The children rarely return to their biological parents. The home is in need of basic supplies and financial support year-round. Christmas presents are also needed. If you would like to continue helping, please visit their website: St. Joseph Children's Home.


We really appreciate everyone who purchased a calendar
and these bigfoot researchers featured in this year's edition:

Adrianne Arney
Angela Ashton
Dana Raymond, Joy Chrisman, Karen Moreno Lawyer
Dina Palazini, Kris Stepney, Aryes Clague
Melissa Adair
Melissa Hovey-Larsen
Monica Rawlins
Shannon LeGro
Shelly Covington-Montana
Sybilla Irwin
Tina Harter
Winona Alexis

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Upcoming KBRO Events - 2015

"BFRO" Expedition
April 16-19
Central Kentucky

Come join the KBRO and the BFRO at one of "The Hottest" spots in the Kentucky!
We've obtained unprecedented access to this prime location!
Learn from over 20 of the top researchers from around the country during
this four-day, overnight quest for Sasquatch.

Email Us for more info. Spots are filling up fast so don't wait!

Previous KBRO Events - 2014

Ohio Bigfoot Conference

April 26
Salt Fork Lodge and Conference Center, Ohio
Charlie Raymond
Cliff Barackman
Bob Gimlin
Tom Yamarone
Lyle Blackburn

Bigfoot Lecture
June 12
Trimble County Public Library
35 Equity Drive
Bedford, KY 40006

Bigfoot Lecture & Hike
Sept 27
10:00am - Noon
Red Orchard Park
734 Kentucky St
Shelbyville, KY 40065



BFRO Expedition
Oct 9-12
Western Kentucky
We will be attending as guests!

General Butler State Resort Park
Oct 18 & 25
9:00pm - Lecture
10:00pm - Hike
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - Park charges $3

Bigfoot Lecture
Oct 30
Henry County Public Library
172 Eminence Terrace
Eminence, KY 40019
(502) 845-5682



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"We were smart enough to listen to Charlie, because he's doing great research in Kentucky and fortunately his local media has been listening to him too. The Pioneer News was founded in 1882 and covers Bullitt County, one of the fastest growing counties in Kentucky. Read the article as they lead up to Charlie's expertise regarding the Kentucky Bigfoot.".....

- Guy Edwards,
The Bigfoot Lunch Club



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