Charlie Raymond - Founder & Investigator

Charlie holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Florida. He founded the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization in 1997 to document all credible Bigfoot encounters in Kentucky. For over three decades he has interviewed countless witnesses, conducted investigations and held expeditions in the hopes of one day proving their existence. He believes Bigfoot to be a "flesh and blood" unidentified hominin, very closely related to humans. One day he hopes to establish laws in Kentucky to protect these magnificent creatures. Charlie is also a BFRO Investigator for Kentucky.


Lyndsey Raymond - Investigator

Lyndsey is a serving Police Officer with 18 years of experience in various investigative capacities and is a trained Forensic Crimes Scenes Officer and Fingerprint Examination Expert. Lyndsey's life-long curiosity in the phenomenon of Sasquatch peaked when she became introduced to the vast and mountainous wilderness throughout the Province of Alberta. Lyndsey's belief is that Sasquatch is a highly intelligent hominid so intensely adapted to its surroundings that it possesses the ability to manipulate the environment to its advantage and continues to baffle the scientific world. Lyndsey is an avid camper and enjoys spending her free time hiking in the mountains through-out the warmer months. Her goal within the Sasquatch community is to develop an in-depth understanding of these magnificent creatures and their habitats. Hopefully one day she will be in a position to educate society of their survival needs and protection requirements, when they finally receive their long overdue recognition of existence. She is also the co-founder of The Canadian Bigfoot Research Organization.

Don Neal - Investigator

Don “Biggyfoot” Neal is a licensed and ordained Minister, the President and Founder of two church organizations, an Honorary Kentucky Colonel, a trained tornado spotter for the NWS (National Weather Service) and a storm/tornado spotter for the local TV station (Channel 25 Evansville, IN) and an accomplished Guitarist. In 2005 he received the Presidential "Flag and Wings" lapel pin from former Secretary of State "Colin Powell" as an Ambassador of Goodwill for the state of Kentucky. Don is a longtime lead investigator for the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization and has conducted numerous investigations.


Terry Thomas – Investigator (sketch artist)

Terry’s amazing sketches help us place an image with a report. He has always felt there may be other cryptids out there and that we are not the only primates which are bipedal. Terry is open to all theories and knows there are things out there that "logic" simply cannot explain.

Jim Wilcox – Investigator

Jim has a bachelor's degree in Technology & Industrial Arts Business Management from Berea College. He is a real estate investor and web designer that resides in Lexington, KY. He has heard multiple possible vocalizations, tree knocks and has had a Class A sighting in Western Kentucky. He is not a believer, but a knower that Bigfoot exists. Jim enjoys hiking, anything internet related and hanging out with his dogs. He always tries to keep an open mind while out in the field investigating, but works to first disprove possible Bigfoot activity before jumping to that conclusion. Jim is driven to the woods by a powerful curiosity for the truth behind the Bigfoot mystery and hopes that someday science will take the subject of Sasquatch seriously.


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